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Hello Pumping Station One!

I just wanted to introduce myself if I didn't meet any of you last Wednesday. I studied Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering at Purdue. I am now a Software Engineer at Northwestern University. I work in the Academic Research department. I write software in a lot of different languages depending on the request (Java, PHP, Python [YAY], JavaScript etc.) In my free time I always love making things. I really enjoy woodworking and I built a 24"x24" CNC Router in my attic. It is based on this design. I will be moving and disguising it as a kitchen cabinet at our new place which will require reconfiguring the size to something like 20"x40". That is why I picked this model, it's 3D printed, very versatile and costs next to nothing to resize. Here is a handy picture:

<img src="IMG_2637.jpg">

I also really enjoy microcontrollers. I as many enthusiasts started on the PIC18F. Powerhouse of a thing. I played around with Arduinos and then started using MSP430s. Now I have been playing with the ESP8266. Fantastic little thing with built in WiFi. I made these little power strip things with it that I use for home automation:

The one above uses solid state relays and a Sparkfun board loaded with the ESP8266 and housed in a Radio Shack project box.

This one is much thinner and smaller. It uses traditional mechanical relays and a custom 3D printed enclosure. Also using an ESP8266 except this time a NodeMCU.

I use Amazon Dash buttons with a 3D printed wall plate as light switches:

I made all of this because existing home automation stuff requires an expensive hub. Everything I made uses WiFi. I started using a parallel port connected to solid state relays controlled with one of my first C programs, then X10 back in the day. X10 sucks because of the necessity to run a phase coupler and reliability. But it is cheap.

I also enjoy working on cars. I tear into almost any project. I have a 1969 Mustang Grande with a 351 Windsor, but I haven't done much with it sadly since I don't have the space for it. I am also a BMW fanatic.

Oh, and also my wife and I have moved on to making a Baby. Here are some progress pictures :)



She is now 2 weeks old. One of the first things I made with my CNC was a changing table adapter for an Ikea dresser:

Anyway, if you see me and have any questions, project ideas or just want to say hello, I should be around!