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  • Jason Shanfield


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PS1 aspires to be a collaborative workspace for communal use by all members, as well as interact with its local community through education and cultural participation. Thus, PS1 should be fundamentally committed to ensuring that members and guests be welcome regardless of their circumstances, including disability.

PS1 facilities currently pose problems for people with certain disabilities.

For example:

  • The front door is raised above sidewalk level by one step. The “one step problem” can be a difficult or impossible barrier to people who use wheelchairs, other mobility aids, or who have difficulty going up steps. Their only option is to enter the building through the alley, which isn't reliably cleared of snow or other barriers and has a rough surface and a bit of a grade leading up to the door.
Members with RFID tags can take their chances that they can open the back door themselves if the RFID system is working. All other members and visitors with mobility issues alike must ring the doorbell, wait for the door to be answered, and ask to be let in through the back door.
  • PS1 has no wheelchair accessible restrooms.
  • Some doors are heavy, have incorrect doorknobs, or don't open in such a manner as to allow easy access to people with certain disabilities.
  • Aisles are occasionally impassable or dangerous to people with certain disabilities.

I think it's likely there are also other issues with the building configuration I haven't considered that might pose accessibility problems for people who have mobility or other disabilities.

ADA compliance and violations can present very prickly issues

Rather than cobble together an ad hoc member-implemented solution, I think it is wiser for the board to engage a qualified Americans with Disabilities Act consultant to identify all potential problems and propose a plan based on industry standards, best practices, and PS1’s circumstances.


The Board of Directors shall engage a qualified Americans with Disabilities Act consultant prior to February 28, 2017 to obtain counsel including, but not limited to, regarding:

  • Compliance with state and/or federal law regulating accessibility for people with disabilities
  • Making the front and rear doors, and one or more restrooms fully ADA compliant or as near as practical
  • Reviewing PS1’s other facilities and floorplan
  • Any other relevant matters the board wishes to address

The Board of Directors shall determine whether and to what degree to advise the membership of the substance of the consultant’s report within 30 days of receipt.


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