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Jason Shanfield


  • Announce to mailing list: August XXXX, 2017
  • Officially proposed: August XXXX, 2017
  • To be voted on: September 5, 2017
  • Vote passed on:


The PS1 Board of Directors determined to take certain equipment loaned to PS1 out of use pending (1) donation of the equipment, (2) purchase of the equipment, or whatever other arrangement PS1's legal counsel recommends.

This presently leaves the wood shop without use of the Grizzly Model G0654 6" jointer member Matt Triano loaned to PS1 in September 2013.

A jointer of any size is essential to preparing material for woodworking projects. This machine has already served PS1 well for nearly 4 years. PS1 upgraded it to a helical cutter that uses replaceable indexed carbide inserts (retail $329 and only compatible with a short list of Grizzly jointers), the jointer has much life left in it, and it would continue to be useful if PS1 purchased a wider jointer (no current plans to do so and no pressing need if we can continue using this machine).

Matt offered to sell the jointer to PS1 for $150. PS1 could not easily replace it with another similar model in similar condition that is compatible with the upgraded helical cutter for this amount, so this seems like a reasonable price. PS1 should accept the offer.

If the vote passes, I will help facilitate the transaction to occur ASAP; being without the jointer is already disrupting people's work in the wood shop.

To be voted

The board is directed to pay Matt Triano $150 in exchange for his Grizzly G0654 6" jointer, currently located at 3517 North Elston Ave., Chicago, Illinois. Matt will provide an appropriate bill of sale for PS1's records. This directive shall expire upon passage of the 2018 administrative budget.


First vote — September 5, 2017

  • Quorum:
  • Yes:
  • No:
  • Present:
  • Result: