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Heya. I'm Jen - and I'm going nuts trying to get HOPE X off the ground. (I was warned that this was like sausagemaking, but worse, so no one to blame save me... still, it's one of the best experiences I'll look back upon on the day before no one can find my body.)

Please excuse my insanity until August.

Current auths:

  • Taz3
  • AO-100
  • Vinyl Cutter
  • Laser Cutter
  • Level 1 Cold Metals

Former projects:

  • Badges by the summer solstice. Going from a Blender model to a 3d print (prefer a CNC model at this point - so many problems molding the 3d print!), then from there to casting metal. Objective is approx 2.5k cupro-zinc based badges, electroplated in copper for furtherance of the bad joke.
  • HOPE X - helped organize it. 2800 of my fellow hackers from all over the world were there. Snowden-Ellsberg keynote was livestreamed into at least 120 countries. We did impossible things. (Typing this honestly makes me cry joyful tears.)

Current projects:

  • Taxistrike recovery. Physical: thrice weekly chiro visits. Increased care with rest. Edging back into more active lifestyle (biking) once pain subsides to tolerable levels/doc OKs. Reference point: modern practice is to throw activity once capable. Besides, Ventra passes are expensive! (Mid Aug)
  • FINALLY a working chain of systems that will fit neatly into my bag and provide proper red/grey/black project isolation. ( End Aug)
  • Completing the home infrastructure network. Having a business class account sucks in that they gouge you; it rocks in that I have multiple static IPs. Multiple dedicated Tor nodes. Asterisk solution with multiple country phone numbers. Hacker grade network on my kitchen wall. (End Sep)
  • Money objêt d'art. Damnable image has haunted most of my nightmares since [https;// OHM2013]. If i can get real progress by mid Sep and have it completed by High Holy Day, may be displayed at 31c3 inHamburg (while it's nice to have friends in Chaos Compuer Club, ya still gotta put up. (End Oct for 31c3 - end Apr for Chaos Camp 15)
    • Major needs:
      • ShopBot, Shapeoko certs
        • Likely to need advanced cold metals and welding certs too
      • Destroyed, deprecated, worthless, and counterfeit money
        • Bill and coin
        • Already have source for CAD, will inquire for USD at Fed Reserve/Chicago
        • Want; more ex-North America, pre-Euro currencies, Warsaw Pact, ZWD, countries that don't exist anymore, stock certs, lottery tix
      • Lit USB A extension cables
      • Massive high powered hubs (>24 ports, >1a per port)
      • Heat sinks
      • Clips
  • Learn (and relearn!) three computer and hopefully one human language inside six months. Because I have the aptitude, and because I don't want the day job to grind me down. (Feb)
  • I want to get a group of PS1 folks to come with me to Chaos Camp next summer. Exact time and place yet to be announced, but it's most likely in greater Berlin the first weekend of August. I've known Nick Farr, who is something of a legendary character at lots of these events (if you've been to the Playa, he was one of the rare people wearing a suit and tie every day - that's just what he does at every con and event he goes to and/or organizes) and he has organized Hackers on a Plane, which, for a small fee, arranges a lot of the finer details of the con, like airfare if you want, ensuring you have a ticket even when the event is sold out (and trust me - Camp will sell out), arranging for better beds (OHM they were cabins!) instead of transporting your own tent and sleeping bag from halfway around the world or scrambling all over to find them and appropriate power cables (that was definitely a strange day - at least I've got, and still actively use, a 10m power strip with six Schuko outlets) which frees up tons of space in your bags... Ideally would even like to get a PS1 village together so we can show the some of the hacker world who we are and what we do. Villages at hacker camps are where a group is at home at an event like this. Examples of villages: NB had a village at OHM where one could do some late night soldering... and where I duct tape repaired my ankle at 5:30a after a trip to another village, [http;// Milliways]. Good food, better company, lots of maté... (shameless link, yes.. love the stuff, love the mag, love HOPE, and feel free to thankblame me if you order, aside, i'll get another half-case or the space shortly as I needs my fix...) (Event: aug 15)
  • Yes, Alpha One is doing it, but this has been rolling around my skull for the better part of a year since OHM, where there was a space built out of a shipping container. (And i felt an embarassment of riches at a global hackerspace meetup... the eyes popped when I talked about ~250 members (then), 10k sq ft of facility, all the fabrication space... and being the only PS1er there :/ ) i'm trying to build a hackerspace-in-an-RV as well, though bar a minor miracle that's a drawing-room-board project.
  • Biohacking. Work in progress. like, try to actually engage in this 'sleep' thing the cool kids have told me about.