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I am TV's Frank to my cat's Dr. Forrester. Ironically, his name is Frank

Nick/Handle: KnitMeaPony (And yes, I have) (okay, it's crochet, but let's not get pedantic)

Name: Laurie Rich

Location: Edgewater/Andersonville and/or Streeterville

Education: JD Michigan State

Career: web monkey design/dev/analytics at not-for-profit membership org

Contact: knitmeapony at gmail, twitter, AIM, tumblr, LinkedIn, etc etc etc. Drop me a line anytime.


Hunter drew this.

Things I know well enough I'm willing to teach. Contact me at the info above if you'd like to discuss

  • knitting
  • crochet
  • macrame
  • woodworking (mostly doll furniture and puppet accessories)


I know these things and do them often but not quite well enough to teach them. Or I do them fifty hours a week at work and really don't want to teach'em

  • sculpting with paper clay
  • sewing & costume design
  • wiring/rewiring
  • bookmaking
  • cooking, especially tinyfood
  • baking/candymaking
  • web architecture/design
  • HTML5/CSS/javascript


Things I'd like to know how to do, or do better. If you've got a project and you need a hand to do simple labor, I'll gladly pitch in for the chance to watch you work.

  • metalworking
  • woodworking (I'm all self-taught, I'm sure there's a right way and a better way to do half of what I do)
  • leatherwork
  • modeling/molding
  • molecular gastronomy
  • embroidery
  • photography, especially for my etsy shop

Etc Etc Etc

Things that I consume more than do.

  • musicals. Music of all kinds, really. Current obsessions: Dessa, Aesop Rock, Kate Peterson, Xavier Rudd, Zanna, Don't!, The Last Five Years, and everything Sondheim has ever touched
  • TV, mostly genre work
  • Comics. Special favorites: Captain America, Ruse, Battle Kittens, Gunnerkreig Court
  • reading and writing, again mostly genre work but a ton of non-fiction too. I have no shame in my trash and no priggishness in my pretension.
  • Glitch


Kits for AGD

American Girls dolls have a lot of badass stuff, but not nearly enough STEM-related toys. I'm working with a friend to put together some kits with both doll and kid size equipment, including:

  • Chemistry kit with kitchen science experiments book
  • Physics kit that includes experiments with ballistics, magnetics?
  • Electricians kit that includes information on how to make a battery-powered accessory for the doll
  • Maker kit with tools and instructions on modifying existing products to make them better

The Ultimate Organizational Scheme

Custom pieces for all my shelves, racks, and cabinets at home to make my workspace here absolutely perfect.

Recycled board game office supplies

I sell white boards and cork boards made of recycled/upcycled game boards on etsy

Here's how I made the first one

Custom & nerddom finger puppets

Crocheted then accessorized to match a photo or to represent someone from various nerddoms/fandoms, then sold on etsy.

Portable Props

I do a lot of LARPing. I'm working on portable, collapsible, and store-able props and lighting for the group.


NaNoWriMo is too stressful for me at this time of year. My problem is persistence, not volume. Next year, I will be stretching out NaNo for twelve months, and writing 5000 words/month. Further details coming.


My first sojurn was Georgia Mason from Newsflesh.

New projects are Ida from Middleman (with HEYDAR) and Pam from Archer (with dolphin)