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Doorman Dave

Hi, I'm Dave. I also respond to Doorman Dave (or kuroishi on IRC). I have a love/hate/break/fix relationship with both Linux and bicycles.

I am serving as CTO on the 2015 Board of Directors

I can be reached at kuroishi at


  • SSO Authentication.
  • Rack power maintenance.
  • Build bikes.
  • Make kids furniture.

CTO Wish List

RT Changelog

I like support and support tracking systems. I like working on RT sometimes.

Pre-dated history

  • added some paypal scrips
  • added membership payment workflow and deathrow status
  • started source control in /opt/rt4/etc and /opt/rt4/local (local git repo)


  • Added Scrip #20 to Facilities queue "notify AdminCC on queue change"
  • Enabled MakeClicky option with custom handler for "ticket #XXXX". Referencing "ticket #XXXX" in the body of a ticket reply or comment will link the corresponding ticket, it unfortunately does not automatically link tickets referenced in this way via a "Referenced by" link.
  • Added mail aliases for points@ and You can direct mail to the appropriate queue using the appropriate address. There is also a forwarding account at (more relays to come on, their time consuming to set up on the google side).
  • Tickets with a non "0/" priority now automatically show up on the "Board Meeting" dashboard view. Set ticket priorities to anything to get them on the board meeting dashboard.

Known issues

  • What the fuck is perl!?


I'm working on implementing some authentication options for Discourse (and other applications) at Pumping Station One. Here are some links: