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Alisha Ciardi Kushner is lishibird.

Test for Adding Tidy Space Info

Here are the Areas that currently have the spaces mentioned below. We will continue to update this page with changes made in accordance to the new Tidy Space Policy.

Shelf No. Member Name
Electronics TBD
Arts & Graphic Textiles TBD
General Area Temporary Storage; Salvage
Small Metals TBD
Cold Metals Salvage; Sort-Me Zone (drill bits)
Hot Metals Temporary Storage; Salvage
Woodshop Temporary Storage; Salvage
CNC (Lasers & 3D) Temporary Storage; Salvage

If you have any ideas as to how the Tidy Space Policy can be further improved, please let us know in our Tidy Space Improvement Submission Form. There are also links to this survey posted around relevant areas of PS1.