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So you've managed to find my User page here at ps1.

MikeWarot Square Icon.jpg

I'm only somewhat new, I joined on November 15, 2011.

I'm from Hammond, Indiana.

I'm interested in learning how to remove and add material to build things, especially while keeping all of my limbs intact.

I've repaired Industrial Electronics, everything from trivial stuff, up the stuff built in the 1960s, with no documentation, and no spare parts.

Given sufficient time and budget, I can fix anything.

However... there's also Mike's rule of intermittent hardware, which goes like this...

 "Intermittent hardware should be treated as hazardous waste, and disposed of immediately"
 Why?  Because you get tempted to spend vast quantities of time making it work properly... and the opprotunity costs far outweigh the savings if you do get lucky and get it to not fail again.

If a problem can be reproduced, it can be fixed, no matter how weird it is.

Well... that's version 0.02 of this page... thanks for reading it.

Project ideas

* Atomic Hydrogen Torch
* Acoustic Cannon / Thermoacoustic Cannon / LRAD
* Large scale milling machine
* 3d scanner
* reversible compiler
* capability based security demo