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Jay Hopkins

I can be reached at iwased at gmail dot com

Google Voice: 872-216-7727 txt or voice mail are best

Member since October 2010.


Esp-8266 Project for NERP

  • esp-8266 MicroPython, NodeMCU and the Arduino IDE
  • IoT "hello World" 8266 -->"Best of breed"
  • Raspberry Pi/FPGA
  • Papilio FPGA, Cypress PSOC
  • Virtual machine Playground: virtualBox, docker, vagrant.
  • SmartOS, illumos.


  • Live linux and linux installs to x86 hardware and some arm hardware.
  • Shell foo (bash)
  • Language lawyer (C).
  • Soldering smt and larger components.


Python, Ruby, Lua, C, Smalltalk 80 (An oldie but a goodie)

Jays sandbox