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As you might guess from my username, my street name is Sam Paris. Pleased to meetcha.

I know a bit about optics, especially infrared optics, and a little about temperature measurement and control. Drop me a line if you've got a problem in those neighborhoods; maybe I can help. If you own a steel mill, I definitely can. We'll talk consultant fees later . . .

I've been fooling with machines of various sorts most of my life and I still have all my fingers--some people are just lucky, and no, please don't ask about the time I got stupid with some liquid oxygen. Not until I've had a few drinks, anyway--the story gets much better, then.

I haven't fiddled with programing since we had to carve our own ones and zeroes out of rocks--I hope to rectify that. Those Arduraspbeagle gizmos look interesting.

Eric Raymond once introduced me to Linus Torvalds, though I doubt either one of them recalls it. It's possible Eric was pulling my leg. Or maybe I hallucinated it; it was the same night I was introduced to single-malt whisky. I still know more about whisky than Linux. And I know squat about whisky.

I can drop other names too, if you need to be bored out of your skull sometime.

On the other hand, if you want to know about temperature measurement or optics, I might be of assistance.