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if [ -z "$1" ]; then
    echo "usage: $0 pdfname"

convert -monochrome -density 300 $1 pdf.tif 
tesseract pdf.tif outputfile

Doing the entire pdf didn't result in a good output, so I took pdf.tif and cropped the columns on page 2, one crop per column, then ran tesseract on both.

Abbreviations and Hand Knit

Abbroviuilons and Hand Knit
Kssh — knit slip stitch through the back.

Kw (or kwise) — krijtwise — used when slipping a
stitch from one needle to the other (as for a
decrease) by inserting the second needle in a knit

KWK - knit. wrap. knit

Term used in short rowing.

CUR — niaehine term — Carriage on right.

LC — left cross

LH -— left hand

Refers to the knitting needle that is held in the left

LN A left needle
t Refers to the knitting needle that is held in the left
1 hand.

Lp  — lo-ops

Loops are made in hand knitting when the yarn is
wrappecl over or around the needle. Each loop
makes an additional stitch. lvlay be referred to as
yarn over. Several loops in the same area may he
dropped for elongated stitches. There is also a
method of making loop the stitch that are
embellishments to the fabric.

LT — left twist

Ml -— make one

Most invisible method of increase. The bar between
the stitches is lifted onto the left hand needle from
back to front (for right slant) and knitted into front
leg of stitch, or lifted from front to back (for left
slant) and knitted into the hack leg of the stitch.

MB — make h-ohble

N, ndl — needle (s)

No  — numlier {3} - #

U — over. More commonly know as yarn over yo‘).

Machine Knit Translation

Machine Knit Translailon

This procedure is perfomied when doing skip or slip stitch. Remove the slip stitch.

turn 180 degrees. and rehang on the same needle. Continue knitting.

When used in hand knitting the angle of the stitch is turned. Depending on the
hand knit use. machine knitters may want to remove the stitch, turn it 180 degrees.
and replace the stitch.

Short rowing term meaning knit. wrap. knit.

COR — machine knitting is worked so the purl side faces the knitter and the knit
side faces the machine. COR to the hand knitter would position the fabric to hegin
a purl row.

Refers to a cable. The left leg of the cable is on top. Remove the stitches for the
cable. Rehang the stitches from the right hand tool first, arms the cable. then
rehang the stitches front the left hand tool.

LH u can refer to left side of the machine bed. Usually is L or may be L6 referring
to needle six left of zero.

May refer to those needles left of zero.

An embellishment that can he worked by segregating and "hand" knitting the
selected stitch. After working the loop stitch place the single stitch on the needle
and continue knitting.

Usually refers to a left slanting cable when viewed [mm the public side.

Machine knitters can make this increase by lifting the bar. twisting it either to the
left or to the right. and hanging it on an adjacent empty needle.

See "hohhle." at heginning of series one.

Needle (S)


Usually refers to an increase — multiple
overs are sometimes dropped for elongated