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A combination of events have taken place since 1999 which indicate that now is the time to strike. The Independent Music market is hot and additional growth is predicted again for 2018. When was launched in 1998 Indie music sales were less then 9% and have grown to 34% in 2016. Internet Radio was first available in 1996 and by 1998 was the hottest technology available when I launched 440Music Internet Radio. In December 2006 the web site was expanded to include social networking and a shopping cart. Today Internet Radio is available on your computer, cell phone, tablet, automobiles and all devices with internet access. Radio is still where a majority of people learn about new music and 440Music Radio features new music from the fastest growing segment of the music industry. 440Music is exclusive to the Unsigned and Indie Music Market. 440Music combines internet radio, social networking and a shopping cart which allows musicians the ability to share, sell and track their music career and sales.

The Granddaddy of Internet Radio