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Everyone seemed to have a complaint about drivers and scanning with Monica Has any research been done about ease of install on all 3 popular OSes with any of this? Steve (The other one)

All should note this is not a Konica replacement as it is monochrome. I'll still need to trouble shoot what's up with her. Unfortunately Tuesday night I had to leave early. Steve (The other one)

Brother provides decent CUPS drivers for its products which will allow it to work on Linux/OS X machines. Tom Judge

I have worked with this printer using both Mac and PC. I don't use Linux much but I will research how well Brother printers work with Linux. Is there any type of Linux installation that you are particularly anxious about? Bradley Slavik

Initial research locates this web page: It purports to have instructions for getting this model of printer working in a weird linux environment. For more conventional linux environments, some of the steps may not be necessary. Bradley Slavik

Cool. I recommended the Konica because we have 4 of them a work and loading the drivers (for me) was always a snap. Many members seemed to have lots of issues with that so I am naturally a little gunshy. This printer like most new printers is not part of the list that Windows "knows" about (Not Sure about Mac) and will require users to get driver direct from Brother's site. As in my first example it should theoretically be really easy. Unfortunately after 30 years of tech support I have learned that end users do not always speak theoretical even very tech savvy ones. Steve (The other one)