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So you want to come by! That's great. We love visitors. If you want something structured that introduces you to us more formally, come on down for Orientation the fourth Sunday of each month at 4pm. No RSVP required, just show up!

There is an Open House for visitors every Tuesday, at around 8 pm. That coincides with our official Member Meetings, where votes and other business may be happening, but right after the member business, 20-30 minute tours are given and you can meet many members.

Can't Wait

Well, if you can't follow a schedule, there are a few options available to you! Visit Spacemon, our IRC bot that lets you check on if the space has anything going on. If the graphs show a bunch of activity, then you can be pretty sure people are around!

However, just because there are people doesn't mean you can necessarily visit, as none of the members present may be staying for long or they may be in the middle of a project and unavailable to give you a tour. For situations such as these, you can join our IRC chat and ask! Hopefully someone will be around to assist you and line up a visit.

For nitty gritty details on building access for guests, read Guest Building Access.

You can also get on the Public list and ask around, or check out our other Email Lists.