Vote To Purchase English Wheel

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Vote To Purchase An English Wheel

Sam Abrahamson (Sammy Abe on Slack)


David Earl

Gary Newhouse


Proposal Date


Member Input

Does the Sponsor choose to open the language of the vote for changes due to member input? (optional and can be modified at any time)

[X] YES [ ] NO

Day of the Vote



Vote Passes: For 74 / Against 3 / Abstain 6

Language of the Vote

This is a proposal to authorize the PS:1 Board of Directors to spend up to $500 on the purchase of a Kaka Industrial F1.2X710 28-Inch Throat English Wheel. Sam Abrahamson shall donate the remaining cost of the machine.

The English Wheel shall be stored in the Cold Metals area until the area move takes place, at which point its placement shall be reevaluated as the membership sees fit.

The English Wheel shall require an authorization. Sam Abrahamson shall be the first authorizer, and additional authorizers shall be added on a volunteer basis. The authorization shall consist of a safety brief, maintenance, work piece preparation, and technique.