Vote for Member Resolution Recognizing Scope of Powers

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Elizabeth Koprucki


  • Mailing List Announcement: 5/12/2015
  • Officially Proposed: postponed
  • To be Voted on: postponed


In the past six years, the space has grown to nearly 400 members, and gained many more complex, capable, and dangerous tools. This has led to a need for more structure to keep the space running safely and legally. At the same time, the member-run culture of PS:One is special and should be acknowledged and protected wherever possible.

The Board’s recent policies around animals in the space, drinking after 2 AM, and events touched off a number of discussions about the role of the Board in setting policies. Some members are in favor of the Board having no authority to set policies at all. Some members are in favor of having the Board having much more power than it currently does and originating all policies.

This vote is a vote of confidence in the way things currently are, and an active choice to take a middle road. The Board has the power to create policies related to the space’s obligations, and will communicate with the members in a timely manner. The rest of the policies are created by the membership. The membership, and not the Board, sets the vision for the space. Recent examples of member-created policies are the Anti-Harassment Policy and the Authorization Policy. As always, the "power of the purse" remains with the membership, to vote on capital purchases such as the ShopBot and Bridgeport.

This vote is an acknowledgement of the necessary infrastructure of keeping a space like ours with a large membership running and the Board's role in doing so. It is also an acknowledgement of the members’ influence and responsibilities to continue to JFDI. As a non-binding member resolution, it expresses and records the opinion of a majority of the voting members. It does not change official policy because it affirms that the current balance of power is appropriate and in the best interest of the space.


The membership of Pumping Station: One adopts the following non-binding resolution:

  1. The membership recognizes that the space is member run, and that the vision for what the space should be comes from the members. This includes authorizing large equipment purchases, approving the annual budget, and creating policies outside the narrow boundaries of Pumping Station: One's contractual and legal obligations.
  2. The membership recognizes that the current Bylaws grant the Board the power to create policies related to the space's obligations, and that doing so is proper to ensure the health of the organization.
  3. The membership requests that the Board provide prompt notice to the membership should they take such action, including the reasons for doing so.
  4. The membership requests that the Board give advance notice to the membership, when possible, if they believe an issue exists that will require such a policy.
  5. The membership requests, if possible, that the Board solicit member comments on a proposed policy and consider them before enacting the policy.
  6. The membership requests that if the above is not possible, the Board will solicit comments after enacting the policy, and will give consideration to changing the policy based on the comments received if doing so will improve it.