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Sponsor: David Ditzler

Co-Sponsor: Rob German


PS1 lacks reliable, small-format 2D printing capabilities. Several printers have come & gone. We are proposing a vote for a printing solution that will stand up to heavy use and be easily maintained.

We have chosen the Xerox Workcentre 7855. It will perform the printing tasks needed, but will also enhance our scanning capabilities and provide us the ability to fax, should we need it.

Here is a video of David Ditzler giving an overview of the printer:

The user manual for the printer can be found here:

Passage of this vote will authorize spending up to $1900 of discretionary funds for the initial purchase. It also sets expectations for operations budget for the next few years.

We sought out a second quote from a company (ARC). That quote is attached to this wiki entry. The initial purchase cost in the ARC quote was more and also required an ongoing service contract. We will not be using the second quote from ARC.

Vote Language

Authorize the Board of Directors (or their designee) to spend up to but not more than $1900 to purchase one Xerox Workcentre 7855 printer and, if budget allows, extra consumables and accessories. This authorization will be valid for 180 days after member approval of this authorization.

Implementation & Maintenance

We're aiming to install the printer in the lounge. Most maintenance can be done by any user. Additionally, David Ditzler, the Pumping Station: One 2D Area Host, has one of these models for his printing business and can lead and perform the setup and most all maintenance.

All other small-format printers in the space will be removed via the asset removal process. The two flatbed scanners currently in the space will also be removed unless an area host has use for it. The large format printer will remain as-is.

Other/Additional implementation and ongoing maintenance details can be found in the image below.

PS1 Xerox Workcentre 7855.png

Comments, Questions, and Suggestions


David Ditzler

I've gone through a lot of printers. My grandfather, dad, my uncle, my brother and myself all grew up in the print industry. I once went though 15 different inkjet, ink and paper combinations in one summer just trying to figure out how to print good archival quality B&W photos. At the end I came up with something that was so durable you could run the ink jet prints through the dishwasher. The Xerox WorkCentre 7855 machine I recommended for PS1 is the same one I use every week running commercial printing jobs in my basement. It works well, is super reliable and super low cost to run. I can get PS1 Canon machine with the same specs for free with a set of toners but I wouldn't recommend it. It works well but the supplies are too expensive. It was an old machine of mine. I also have a Konica Minolta which I bought with only 7,000 prints on it for $900 but I wouldn't recommend that either because its too hard to service. The Xerox WorkCentre 7855 is the Goldilocks for PS1, not too big, not too expensive, punches above it's weight and we can get parts and service when need them and don't have to pay for it when we don't.

I want something at PS1 that most people will benefit from and that will be operational when they are there. This solution is way better than what exists now and will keep running for years whether I am the host or not.

Carl Karsten

I want to make it clear this is a thing some people want, but we don't need it.

I'll assert ps1 needs to print some signs, like occupancy limits. I am guessing at most a dozen pages a month.

"Useful service" isn't' a need, that is a want. PS1 survives pretty well when there are no working printers.

Who has a problem that would be solved by spending $2000 printer?

Sky Nova

It’s my view that printing can be a useful tool for members - and there is even opportunity to attempt to break even with free allotments and chargeable services. Either way, I see a net benefit.

Sevin Strauss

We just installed that exact printer at work, we got it used for $1300. I came with a service contract for $31/month for unlimited phone and onsite supppor. We pay .0085 a page for B&W, and I think about .10 for Color.

Given how (other than the nicely working one in A&C) we tend to eat printers, and something that we can call anytime for them to fix may be the way to go. We also have two other Xerox B&W versions of this we have had for 3 years now on the same sort of contract. We have a lot of ham handed shop floor users here who beat on it pretty bad, but we just call for help when it messes up, which isn't that often.

Kevin Huemann

I have this exact printer at work. It's great! Only gets critically jammed maybe once or twice a year but we print thousands of pages a month.


Q: Is there a plan to maintain the printer if David Ditzler is unable to do so?

A: We will create a wiki page that includes how to perform anticipated maintenance. Replacing toner & consumables, clearing paper jams, and other basic maintenance is something any user could do. There is a large color display and it shows you with animated 3D graphics where and how to do it right on the main display.

Q: Is there a 3rd party company that can service the printer if needed?

A: There is a 3rd party maintenance service provider David has worked with. Having to use them should be extremely rare, but if we do David indicated their work should take 1-2 hours at a rate of $75 per hour-ish.

Q: Can we get a comparative quote from ARC Printing to see if we might be able to get the printer cheaper?

A: Yes - David Ditzler will do this.

Q: Do we want to charge members for prints?

A: We discussed it a bit but not sure it's necessary due to cost-per-print being pretty low. Members will be encouraged to donate if they choose to print in large quantities.

Q: For the budget, can we assume double the toner - then, if we don't buy the extra toner, that budgeted money will go back into the budget for next year..?

A: [awaiting answer]

Q: Can we keep a printer in the arts area?

A: The current working printer in the arts area is for the arts area and is under the arts area budget. We will ask the area host if she is fine with keeping the printer in arts, for general use, as a line item in her budget moving forward.

Q: What is the registration like on this printer?

A: The Xerox is pretty good with registration out of the others I've used. I routinely do duplex jobs on the Xerox. If I want more consistency for registration though I manually flip them and don't duplex them in the machine. I run cop marks on both sides and hold them up to the light and they line up. If printing a multi page book you can use the offset in InDesign to shift the artwork to get them to line up. It's not as good as using the HP but it works well enough and it consistent enough that it didn't present a problem. My Konica Minolta copier was too inconsistent to get reliable results. As long as it is consistent and there isn't too much bounce then its easy to work around.

Q: Would a risograph machine be better for PS1?

A: No. Most are just single color so you have to run the job twice if you want another color, like silk screening. They also need a paper master for each new job which takes a minute or more. If you have more than one ink color you need to store it. If they break open they make a mess. At then end of the print quality is poor. Years ago they also switched from an oil based ink to a soy based ink and it doesn't work as well. It is not as opaque and takes along time to dry and smears. It's a fun toy if you wanted to make a comic book but it's not something that would be cheaper or easier for a shared space like PS1.

Q: Can we get an electric guillotine

A: [awaiting answer]

Q: What are PS1's printing needs?

A: Assuming this means operationally, and not "what might each member use it for", PS1 would use this printer for:

   1. Signs in the space;
   2. Signs & labels for equipment;
   3. Business cards;
   4. Marketing collateral;
   5. Shipping/Return Shipping labels;
   6. Letterhead, Envelopes
   7. Green & Red Tickets
   8. Educational materials (cheat sheets, canvas course prototypes, authorization course content summaries, etc.)


Quote from ARC (we're not moving forward with them) put here for archival. PS1_Xerox_7855_quote_from_ARC_10-27-20.pdf


Vote passed on 11-24-20