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• Eric Beauchamp • Donzell Gordon


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With the growth of PS1 and the heavy usage of the woodshop it is time to update and replace a few items in the shop.

1. The existing sawstop table saw is one of the most used tools in the space. Over the years it has seen a fair amount of use and abuse. At last count, we have triggered the safety brake more than 30 times. We have replaced the motor and rebuilt nearly all the internal parts but it is still suffering from the usage. I propose replacing the saw with the new Industrial version of the Sawstop. The industrial model has the same safety mechanisms but has bee designed for heavy-duty usage. The existing saw would be kept and made a dedicated dado saw and backup saw if the main saw was to go down. The saw with shipping and tax will run $5,735.38

2. Replace the Jet Lathe with a more industrial model. With the growth of the lathe area and its increased usage, the current Jet Lathe is mechanically problematic and non-operational. The lathe that was proposed is the Robust Sweet 16 Long Bed Lathe with 2 HP motor, vacuum adapter, and casters. The Lathe in all will run $5,964.25. The lathe comes with a seven-year warranty, that would guarantee PS1 an operational lathe for seven years. Video link for the Robust sweet 16 lathe:

3. We are currently lacking in short term project storage in the woodshop. By replacing the existing short racks 12ft tall and expanding the spacing between the uprights we can gain significant storage and increase floor space for existing and future machinery. The 36" wide rack will be spaced off the wall and a 30" catwalk will be installed between the rack and the wall to provide access to the upper shelves while opening the lower section for usage. The racking will run $2,195.

Subtotal of $13,894.63 with the addition of a cushion. The vote will not exceed $15,000.


Authorize the BoD to spend $14,000 from discretionary funds and $1,000 from savings on acquiring a new Sawstop saw, lathe and storage for the woodshop.

This authorization shall expire at midnight on January 31, 2020.


Quorum: 58

For: 112 = 98.25%

Against: 1 = <1% (.88)

Abstain: 1 = <1% (.88)

At the time of this vote in November 2019, this was the largest number of votes in the history of PS1.


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