Vote to Buy a Large Format Printer

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  • 2015-4-29 - Mailing List Announcement
  • 2015-5-20 - Officially Proposed
  • 2015-5-26 - Vote of the membership. Failed due to lack of quorum.
  • 2015-6-2 - Passed


The space currently has a large format printer, however it is mostly unusable due to lack of support and being ancient. The space would benefit greatly having this printer updated.

The HP Designjet T520 is a great entry level large format printer with reasonable operating costs, designed for the SME/student/contractor market and costs around $1700. It can handle 24" media both on rolls and in sheet form. A 36" version is also available for around $2500. There have been several requests for the 36" version as fabric is sold on yard rolls.

Ink and media should be charged by the sq. ft.

Operating costs

Off brand ink can be had for ~$35 for a set of 4 cartridges.


Authorize the BoD to spend up to $3000 to purchase a replacement large format printer a spare sets of cartridges and some rolls of paper.