Vote to Buy a Replacement Tube for Epilog

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Elizabeth Koprucki (CNC Area Host)


  • Mailing List Announcement: 2014-11-04
  • Officially Proposed: 2014-11-11
  • To be Voted on: 2014-11-18
    • Yes: 41
    • No: 0
    • Present: 3
    • Vote Passes


The space currently has a Epilog Mini 12"x24" laser but its tube has a huge number of hours on it and needs replacing. A replacement tube to upgrade the laser from 30W to 60W will cost $8700 from epilog and require 2 weeks of down time including shipping to and from Epilog factory in Colorado. A replacement 30W tube will be $1195 with a $1555 core charge refundable after the old tube is returned. Along with the tube we need new lenses and mirrors, and a replacement bed:

  • Bed - PN MX855 - $155
  • Mirrors - PN TT009-TA - $32.55
  • Lens - FT805 - $125.95
  • Tube - Tube - $1195


Authorize the BoD to spend up to $2000 on acquiring a 30W Tube and required parts to service the Epilog Laser including a new bed. Also authorize them to place a core deposit of up to $2000 on the 30W tube to be refunded when Epilog receives our old tube.


File:Replacement Tube Vote Epilog Invoice SI38555.pdf