Vote to Buy a Second Internet Connection

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Ray Doeksen Casey Olson


  • Announced: December 7, 2017
  • Language locked: After some time that the vote has been announced, on or before the Thursday prior to the Tuesday the vote will occur, submit the vote to secretary at The vote language will not be allowed to change unless quorum is not met or the vote is proposed again.
  • Voted on: TBD


Whereas, plenty of people come to PS1 and expect the Internet (wifi) to work, and whereas it often doesn't:

The current arrangement has proven to be unreliable and subject to outages.

A second, redundant connection is proposed, to be kept separate and not connected to any other part of the PS1 network architecture. It will rely only on the vendor (ISP) and electricity and not be dependent on PS1's network or other infrastructure.

The Sponsors volunteer to run point and do the legwork.


Authorize the Board to spend up to $2400 per year to contract/purchase a second redundant Internet connection, any associated hardware required, and up to 2 or more additional wireless access points (APs) to provide continuous reliable wireless internet access for PS1 members while at the PS1 space. The vote is valid for each year, ongoing. It lasts forever until rescinded.



  • For: This is the number of members that vote but that agree with the vote language.
  • Against: This is the number of members that vote but that disagree with the vote language.
  • Abstain: This is the number of members that were present but that did not vote on the proposal.