Vote to Buy a TIG Welder

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Ron Olson


  • First Draft of Proposal: 7/6/2015
  • Mailing List Announcement: 7/7/2015
  • Officially Proposed: 7/21/2015
  • To be Voted on: 7/28/2015


PS1, as an organization, owns only a single MIG welder, the Lincoln Electric 3200HD; all other machines are owned by members and subject to going away at any time. The 3200HD is a good machine that is appropriate for steel, but inadequate for more 'delicate' materials, like aluminum.

Have a Particular Machine in Mind?

Yes, the Miller Dynasty 280DX (Dynasty 280DX page on Miller's site).

Wait, why this machine?

TL;DR: I want to get the ShopBot of welders.

I had originally proposed the Syncrowave 210 (see previous versions of this page), and in talking with members and trying to understand want/need, always trying to counter with the fact that the machine ain't cheap, I've come to the conclusion that we need a machine that can do anything/everything for an incredibly wide variety of users, while being small enough to fit in the limited space of the Hot Metals area. Also, this machine has the benefit of having more information up-front for the user, instead of being hidden by the menu knob of the Syncrowave; this gives all users the ability to quickly determine his or her settings and, while it seems paradoxical, compared to the interface of the Syncrowave, the 280DX panel is actually easier to use.
Miller equipment has a reputation for quality and conservative engineering, which will factor into the wide variety of experience levels that will use the machine; there's no point in buying inexpensive equipment if it breaks and is in need of being shipped off for repair, resulting in weeks of downtime.
In addition to the welder itself, the amount includes purchasing accessories such as a water cooler and coolant (keeps the torch cool so it doesn't become uncomfortable to use), along with a cart, torch kit, etc.
Please note there are other possible options on the Discussion Page. All input is welcome.

Why Should We Get This?

Having a PS1-owned TIG machine gives all members more opportunities to make cool stuff without running into the limitations of what the MIG welder can do, from delicate aluminum work to 3/8" material (aluminum and steel). Want to make furniture, delicate metal art, repair other equipment around the shop? All can be done with a TIG welder.


We authorize the board to spend up to $7500 to acquire an AC/DC TIG welder and all necessary accessories.