Vote to Enhance Dust Collection

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Dean Anderson


  • Mailing List Announcement: xx/xx/2015
  • Officially Proposed: xx/xx/2015
  • To be Voted on: xx/xx/2015


Dust collection in the shop can be improved to reduce down time, increase effectiveness, reduce the noise, and make it easier to use.

I suggest we do the following:

  1. Replace the two filters in the Clearvue cyclone filter stack. The filter, Wynn 9B300NANO, is approximately $165 from Wynn. Using 4 filters instead of 2 may result in a significant flow improvement. This should be investigated.
  2. Enclose the collector rack with an acoustic barrier such as quietrock (~$50/4x8 sheet). Add a muffler to the exhaust.
  3. Automate the blast gates. When a machine is turned on, the blast gate (valve in the duct) will open and stay open for a few seconds after the machine is turned off. Commercial gates are up to $1000 for a single 6" automatic blast gate. We have been experimenting with electrically controlled pneumatic cylinders, which should reduce the cost to under $100 each.
  4. Replace the fine dust bin below the filter stack with a wood bin tall enough to support the stack without the orange bucket. The goals are to add dust holding capacity and support the stack more securely.
  5. Add more equipment to the collection system. The new bandsaw, jointer, router table and sanders should be added.
  6. Add more dust collection capacity. The Clearvue system can support 2 or sometimes 3 simultaneously running machines. When the shop is busy, we exceed this.
  7. Add overhead dust collection to the sawstop to catch dust that comes off the top of the blade. This was in the original dust collection vote, but we didn't get it due to a long lead time on the part.
  8. Pressure sensors (manometer or electronic) before and after the cyclone. Handheld anemometer to measure flow at duct opening. $25
  9. Bin level sensors for the cyclone bin and the filter stack bin.
  10. Enclose the filter stack so we can apply a burst of pressure to clean the filter.
  11. Cartridge style filter and/or small cyclone for the Jet dust collector.
  12. Add a sanding booth, probably built into the pallet racking, to the cyclone.


We authorize the board to spend up to $xxxx to buy equipment and supplies to improve dust collection for the shopbot and woodshop. This spending authority will expire 180 days after it goes into effect.