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  • 2014-08-19 - Proposed
  • 2014-08-26 - Vote Passes


With 300+ members, Pumping Station: One can get pretty dirty. Ordinarily we expect that our membership will clean up after themselves and help to keep the space clean, but we found that this doesn't always work in practice--so we need to hire a cleaning service in order to cover basic hygiene for the space. We've already done the legwork for getting quotes from cleaning services and selected one based on our best judgement. The service we hire would be cleaning bathrooms, the kitchen, floors in the lounge and upstairs, and tabletops in the lounge and upstairs (does not include upstairs counters on the edge of the room).

The quote they gave me is here:

The service we have chosen is Flying Broomstick. They have excellent references and their contact, Izabela, was very interested in the space. They try to use environmentally friendly products and they are insured. It is $125 for the first cleaning and $100 for every cleaning afterwards. We would be doing two cleanings per month, so the first month's total cost is $225, and future months are $200. We would like to authorize the first six months' worth of costs to be paid to the cleaning service, paid each month, for a total of $1225.


Authorize the board an expense of $1300 to be paid in 6 monthly installments for hiring a cleaning service. After the first 6 month period we will evaluate to see if we want to continue with their service; a calendar reminder will be set up for this.


9-15-2014: File:9-15-14 Inv 2749 from Flying Broomstick Corp 26360.pdf

9-29-2014: File:9-29-14 Inv 2793 from Flying Broomstick Corp 97604.pdf

10-14-2014: File:10-14-14 Inv 2835 from Flying Broomstick Corp 57084.pdf

10-27-2014: File:10-27-14 Inv 2877 from Flying Broomstick Corp 5236.pdf

11-10-2014: File:Inv 2903 from Flying Broomstick Corp 13000.pdf

11-25-2014: File:11-25-14 Inv 2942 from Flying Broomstick Corp 4080.pdf

12-10-2014: File:12-10-14 Inv 2978 from Flying Broomstick Corp 12404.pdf