Vote to Give Members Voting Rights to Elect Officer Positions

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Google Groups Announcement: 3/6/2020

Mailing List Announcement: TBD

Officially Proposed: TBD

Language Locked: TBD

To be voted on: TBD


Thank you board for all your hard work this year! I truly appreciate all the work that you do and hope that you continue to improve Pumping Station: One.

This vote is to amend the bylaws to give members the role and responsibility of nominating and electing officer positions like the ones that were created through the vote to restructuring of the board vote. Currently, these positions are set to be elected by board next year. Everyone we elected this year is doing a great job and I see no reason why we can't continue to have faith that the members of PS1 as a whole can elect responsible people to uphold and carry out the duties of any officer position.

Vote Language

Amend Bylaws to Give Members voting rights to elect treasurer.