Vote to Improve the Member Rack and Catwalk

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  • James Lamken
  • Sky Nova


Mailing List Announcement: 05/21/2019

Officially Proposed: 05/21/2019

To be voted on: 05/28/2019


PS1 has had a longstanding issue with power to the member racks and catwalk in general. In order to provide a safer experience for members who use the member racks and the equipment that controls our door system, it has been proposed that we install proper power outlets on the catwalk.

Currently, power for the catwalk is being pulled up with a few extension cords from the kitchen. There has been a past incident where this resulted in an extension cord catching on fire due to overload. We would like to eliminate the risk of this happening again by installing several dedicated circuits next to the racks, as well as install a circuit for the general catwalk to power the door control system and future projects.

Additionally, in order to reduce unnecessary electrical load and space utilization, we would like to replace the HP ProCurve with a UniFi 48 port switch. The 48 port 500W POE switch being purchased with this vote would be actually replacing the existing standard 48 port switch in the HVAC room to provide the space with additional POE connectivity for new APs and other space related projects coming soon. The standard 48 port switch would then be placed in the member racks. This will assist the growing number of POE devices the space uses, as we have already maxed out with over 10 PoE ports, and I am working on adding an additional 4 APs that are being donated.

James has already reviewed the building and electrical layout with the electrician and received a quote for about $760 to perform the requested electrical work. The UniFi US-48-500W switch would be about $840 from Amazon, B&H, or our preferred technology vendor.

Vote Language

Authorize $1600 to hire an electrician to install power to the member racks and catwalk, as well as purchase a Ubiquity UniFi US-48-500W POE switch.