Vote to Increase Kitchen Food Safety

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Mark Creasy


Mailing List Announcement: 05/07/2019

Officially Proposed: 05/07/2019

To be voted on: 05/21/2019


This vote aims to install door flaps and ceiling tiles to prevent heavy dust from settling on food surfaces, install an operational vent fan and duct work above the stove hood, and properly ventilate it to the roof using an existing 10" hole.

Floating particles of dust, wood, metal and chemicals enter the kitchen via unfinished doorways and missing ceiling tiles forming a thick layer of grime on dishes and food surfaces. By the end of each week, the grime must be cleaned before anyone uses the kitchen for practical purposes. Installing solid doors isn't a great solution since heavy member projects and carts need to travel through the doorways, so I'm proposing to purchase two sets of acrylic door flap kits with mounting hardware from AKON (est. $350), and 36sq ft of Smooth Pro Lay-In ceiling tile for the ceiling (est. $100).

Once the kitchen is a bit more sealed to immediate air, we'll need a way to ventilate the oven and electric range when in use. Joe Mertz was kind enough to install a hood over the stove, but there isn't a usable fan or duct work, and it must be connected to an existing 10" hole to the roof. As well, we'll need filters and a replacement bulb for the florescent light in the hood.

The labor ($250) and parts ($750) involved in duct work, fan, switch, and roof connection should total $1,000.

This should make the kitchen a more finished, approachable, and usable area.

Vote Language

Authorize $1450 for the purchase of two flexible acrylic flap doors for the kitchen, along with the installation of stove top ventilation fan connected to the building's roof.


  • Vote to Increase Kitchen Food Safety - Passed
    • 59 For
    • 4 Against
    • 5 Abstain
    • Quorum 59