Vote to Purchase Prusa MK3S Printers

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Matt Keith


Mailing List Announcement: Feb 18th, 2020

Officially Proposed: Feb 18th, 2020

Language Locked: Feb 20th, 2020 @ 6:30pm

To be voted on: Feb 25th, 2020


PS1’s three Prusa MK2S printers are in bad shape and this proposal aims to provide PS1 with three new MK3S printers to replace them. Printer 1 has a failed bed and motherboard, an attempt was made to upgrade it with a Chinese kit and was sent back for a refund after arriving non-functional. Printer 2 has a bad motherboard and would no longer work with the PINDA probe. The third MK2S is still working and will be kept as a backup printer, although it has 490 days of print time on it.

The total cost to purchase from Prusa will be roughly $2,500. An extra $250 has been added for import fees and accessories.

Vote Language

Authorize $2750 for the purchase of three Prusa MK3S kits from Prusa Research for the 3D CNC area.


  • Vote to Purchase Prusa MK3S Printers
    • 61 For
    • 26 Against
    • 10 Abstain
    • Quorum 56