Vote to Renovate the Kitchen

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  • Gerald Gayares
  • Adriana Garcia


  • Mailing List Announcement: 10/01/16
  • Officially Proposed: 10/04/16
  • To be Voted on: 10/18/16


As the membership grows, so does the need for storage, improved hygienic conditions and further dining accommodations in the kitchen. Our goal is to bring the current kitchen inline with a commercial kitchen, providing a space for safe food preparation.

The following will be included in this vote:

  1. Donated Commercial Range - Free, will install in-house.
    • Range Vent Hood ~$1500.00
    • Install a 10" ventilation duct for the commercial range in the kitchen ~$300.00.
    • Cubby/Electrical Build-out ~$100.00 - A cubby hole extending into the general area needs to be built to make room for the commercial range.
  2. Cabinetry and wall re-framing/re-enforcing ~$1000.00 - The kitchen will be expanding with the relocation of beer church. Upper and lower cabinets will be installed in this new dining area.
  3. Flooring Resurfacing - Leftover supplies from Lounge 2.0 and CNC areas will be used to resurface the kitchen floor.
  4. Equipment ~$600.00 - Pantry/dry food storage, stainless steel island cart w/casters, stainless steel table/s.
  5. Optional Renovation Enhancements - Should the budget allow due to savings from the purchase of discounted and/or donated materials, the below shall be included in this vote.
    • Sanitary, heat resistant dining table and chairs/stools
    • Backsplash tiles
    • Stainless Steel corner tables
    • Hanging racks
    • Sanitary garbage disposal
    • Metal rack

Sub total: $3500

        plus 20% contingency funds         

Total $4200.00


We authorize the board to spend up to $4200.00 for equipment, materials and supplies to renovate the kitchen.

The funding for this vote will expire 6 months from the date of approval.