Vote to Update Tidy Space Policy (2019)

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  • Alisha Ciardi


  • Announced: 4/9/19
  • Language locked: 4/18/19
  • Voted on: 4/23/19


Greater efforts to maintain the tidiness/cleanliness of PS1 in 2019 have shed light on certain issues with PS1's current Tidy Space Policy. We propose these changes be made to clarify cleanliness and maintenance policy at PS1.

A Summary of the changes are as follows:


-Create smaller “Sort-Me” Boxes/Zones to replace "Wut Zone" for people to place things when they don’t know where PS1-owned tools belong. How Sort-Me Boxes are categorized is at the discretion of the Area Host. (See Sort-Me Box by Drill Press in Cold Metals for example.)

-Create "Temporary Storage" where current "Wut Zone" areas reside.

- As it was with the "Wut Zone," any personal item not stored in Temporary Storage or Personal Storage is able to be moved to Temporary Storage by anyone and anything not Green-ticketed in Temporary Storage is liable to be red-ticketed by an Area Host.

-“Limbo" is to be renamed “Salvage.”

-Create Zones for large temporary projects that you must reserve before using. Discuss with Area Host the length of your project beforehand and set a date to remove your items.


-Do away with Parking Requests (yellow tickets).

-Modify Green tickets so members may write their own tickets for Temporary Storage up to 72 hours unless otherwise approved by an Area Host.

-Standing Project Notices are only valid for up to an hour, otherwise, items need to be Green-ticketed and properly stored. (Added 4/17)

Ticket policy idea RESCINDED FROM CONSIDERATION ON 4/17: (Online Registry is the final word for Ticketing. (Physical ticketing is an additional step to protect your belongings, but is not valid if it is not registered online.)

    • Rescinded as Tidy Space policy exists for the purpose of labeling the physical space around PS1. If digital communications break down, we still need physical tickets and therefore, we need the physical tickets to take precedent, even as we hope to work on integrating an online registry of item storage and automated digital notification.

Personal Storage

-Personal storage is no longer managed with Red-ticket system. Members have 2 weeks to remove belonging from an expired unit after we attempt to notify the member and then materials will be stored in Temporary Storage for 2 weeks after that. Items will then be moved to Salvage if unclaimed.


*Please add suggestions and comments to the document posted below.* [Now Closed.]

Suggested Tidy Space Policy Changes

Policy Changes made as suggestions to the current Policy as tracked in this document.

Final Language to be Voted Upon

Final Language for Vote Viewable Here

If vote passes, the vote will go into effect 2 weeks after it is approved.


For: 54

Against: 4

Abstain: 3



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