Vote to buy a new UPS

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This may not come to a vote, It may be purchased under a "maintaining infrastructure" clause in the budget/bylaws.

That said, it is a lot of relatively expensive equipment being discussed.



This vote was somewhat obsoleted by the Vote to Refresh PS:One Server Hardware which intends to lower power consumption in the rack and provide clean power via line conditioner.


We currently have a single UPS unit functioning - this unit is able to supply enough power for our network storage (which serves as the hard drives for all of our virtual machines, primarily).

This means the two servers that currently run all space-hosted services (The wiki, the member's site, domain authentication and probably some other stuff) are powered directly from a wall circuit. This is not ideal - minor power dips will temporarily bring down all services and power issues could also damage the servers. That's bad news.

In a perfect world, we would have enough new UPS hardware to cover our existing needs as well as enabling us to expand a bit (We have two more servers that are currently powered down) and keep our network running strong. Purchasing two of either models linked below would cover our existing needs and offer enough headroom to be useful in the future.

This vote is also an opportunity to revisit power on the catwalk - currently there are two dedicated circuits (which need to be upgraded to 30 amps if we go with the CyberPower units) that are very difficult to access since the kitchen was built. It would be nice to relocate these to be somewhat closer to the rack.

Rack Utilization

Anthony measured the power consumption of existing rack infrastructure.

Rack Hardware Power Usage
Device Wattage
Motorola SURFboard 20W
Dell Power Edge 420 W (Rated for 670 Watts)
Dell Power Edge 420 W (Rated for 670 Watts)
Dell Power Edge 420 W (Rated for 670 Watts)
Dell Power Edge 420 W (Rated for 670 Watts)
SAN 427W
HP Procurve 340W
Serial Console 20W
Total ~2500 watts (Actually 2497 watts)
Total + 20% buffer ~3000 watts (Actually 2996.4 Watts)

Desired Feature Set

  • Number of Outlets: 7-8
    • There are 2 power runs in the rack, fewer may be ok
  • Interface Port Type: USB
  • Backup Time: 5 minutes
  • Cost: ??


Device VA/Watt Price Full Load Run Time
APC Smart-UPS RM SMT3000RM2U 3000VA/2700W $1,151.99  ?
APC ATX 4000 Power Supply SUA5000RMT5U 5000VA/4000W $2,250.00 + $437.45 shipping
APC AP7920 Switched 1 U PDU power distribution $549.00 N/A


Authorize the expenditure of as much as $2000 to replace PS:1's network power conditioning and facilitate installation thereof.