Vote to hire accessibility (ADA) consultant: LCM Architects

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This motion was proposed on December 20, 2016



December 20, 2016- Proposed


Having asked many professional architects for their opinion and recommendations, and having interviewed and evaluated several architects or firms, LCM Architects appears to be an excellent, local, thorough, professional firm for the task; they are highly regarded in their field and are the most qualified local firm identified. They have submitted a proposal for work, at approx. $3250 +/-10%, plus some misc. fees for postage, travel, shipping. Total fees are not expected to exceed $3600.

Earlier discussion, including a posted copy of the LCM Architects proposal, has occurred on the PS1 private Google Groups list.



Authorize the Board of Directors to retain and pay up to $3600.00 for the services of LCM Architects or other qualified firm to perform accessibility consulting for Pumping Station: One's location at 3517/3519 N Elston Ave., Chicago IL.


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