Vote to require at least 2 candidates for a position in an election

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Tom Judge


  • Announcement: TBD
  • Officially Proposed: TBD
  • To be Voted on: TBD


Over the last year and a half I have noticed that there is no competition or race for people to hold office. Unfortunately this means that often people will not accept a nomination for a position as they feel someone has already been nominated that can do the job at least as well as they could. This however is not in the interest of the organization as it takes the right to choose who to elect out of the hands of the membership and into the hands of individual members. The aim of this vote is to promote the concept of choice in those who lead our organization.


Update the language of the bylaws of section 6.2 - Nomination of officers to read as such:

 Any full member has the right to nominate a person for office. A full member has the right to nominate themselves. Only
 the nominated candidate can un-nominate themselves. All nominations for officer positions are due one week before the
 annual meeting.
 A minimum of two people are required to have accepted nominations for an office in order for the election to take place. 
 If no person is timely nominated to run for an office and accepts such nomination, nominations for that position may
 be made at the annual meeting, in person, before the vote.  If there are still not enough candidates for the position the 
 current officer shall continue to hold office and the board shall set a new election date 2 weeks from the date of the the
 original election was supposed to take place, this process shall repeat until a new officer is elected.