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  • Unofficial Announcement - 2014-11-18
  • Official Announcement - 2014-12-02
  • To be voted on - 2014-12-09


There are several major problems with the current Member point system.

  • It should be a Policy, not a bylaw.
  • What points are given for is ambiguous.
  • It needs to provide explicit incentives for authorizations on tools.

Removing the policy from the bylaws is straightforward.

Making the policy less ambiguous is going to be accomplished by simplifying the language, and adding a wiki page clarifying how member points are awarded.

Supplementary wiki page: Things that Get Member points

This section is meant to describe a supplementary page called "Things that Get Member Points"

All Member Points awarded are at the discretion of the Board of Directors, but they are generally nice people that want to see the space improved.

To request Member Points for yourself or another member, or to spend or transfer a Member Point, email with the details of your request. Please be bold in asking for Member Points for yourself or others.

The following are suggestions of things that can earn Member Points. This list is subject to the Board's discretion, and may be revised according to the membership's needs. The Board can always exercise discretion in awarding or not awarding Member Points, regardless of this list.

Teaching and Events

  • Any class with 5 or more people.
  • Any event open to the public with 10 or more attendees.

When requesing Member Points for these, please indicate the attendance and a brief description. If a class or event does not meet the attendance numbers above, please submit a request for a Member Point anyway. For classes or events that are properly advertised, the Board may consider the effort spent in preparing for them and award a Member Point.

Tool Authorization

Authorizing members on tools that require it is an essential part to keeping PS:One running well, and can be rewarded with Member Points. The number of authorizations to earn a Member Point is indicated below. They are cumulative, e.g. they do not need to be performed on the same time or tool to add up to a member point.

The list below is incomplete and is based on guess work. The Board will consult with Area Hosts to add to this list and maintain it on an ongoing basis. It is expected that the Board will actively maintain this list to account for new tools and changing membership needs.


  • Authorizing 2 people on the ShopBot.
  • Authorizing 4 people on the ShapeOko.
  • Authorizing 5 people on the Epilog laser engraver.
  • Authorizing 5 people on the AO-100 and TAZ3 3D printers.
  • Authorizing 5 people on the vinyl cutter.

Cold Metals

  • Authorizing 4 people for Tier One.
  • Authorizing 1 person on the Bridgeport Knee Mill.
  • Authorizing 2 people on the Clausing Lathe.


  • Authorizing 2 people on the SEM.
    • The prerequisite SEM class is separate, and may receive a point independently.

Graphic Arts and Textiles

  • Authorizing 2 people on the knitting machine, or
  • Authorizing 1 person on the knitting machine including CNC capability.
  • Authorizing 4 people on the industrial sewing machine.

Hot Metals

  • Running a welding instruction session with 2 or more participants.
  • Authorizing 2 experienced welders on any welding machine, or
  • Authorizing 1 new welder on any welding machine.
  • Authorizing 2 people on the plasma cutter.
  • Running a blacksmithing class with 2 or more participants, or
  • Individually teaching 2 people blacksmithing techniques.

Wood Shop

  • Authorizing 4 people on the general wood shop tools.
  • Authorizing 2 people on the wood lathe.


By default, performing 5 authorizations on any tool not listed above can earn a Member Point. The Board will exercise discretion on this.

Additional Considerations for Member Points

  • Arranging for external instruction at PS:One
  • Dealing with large, and or complicated messes or problems at PS:One.
  • Infrastructure improvements:
    • Facility repair and maitiance.
    • Arranging for Contractors to repair/maintain PS:One.

Assisting Area Hosts

  • Area hosts are actively encouraged to recommend members for Member Points.
  • Maintaining and repairing tools.


  • Writing 3 blog posts.
  • Creating a project at Pumping Station: One that goes viral, or gets syndicated on other hacker news sites.
    • There will be a lot of board discretion exercised on this.


Member Points

  • Members can be awarded Member Points for various things they do that benefit the space.
  • Member Points are valued at the difference between Full Member and Starving Hacker monthly dues rate.

Things Member Points can be redeemed for

  • Dues discount.
  • Status increase - Get 1 month of Full Member status for the price of a Starving Hacker membership.


  • Member Points are awarded at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  • Points have no cash value, and they expire 12 months after issuance.
  • Points may be transferred from member to member.
  • To request a point for yourself or another member, you must contact the Board of Directors.
  • To spend or transfer a point, you must contact the Board of Directors.


  • You must be a member to be eligible to receive Member Points.
  • Members of the Board of Directors are eligible for Member Points only for activities performed outside their duties as defined in the bylaws.