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Wild Apricot is a member management system adopted by PS1 in 2018.

Members are developing extensions to (home-rolled solutions) allow Wild Apricot to connect to our online waiver provider, a special back-end for managing tool and equipment authorizations, and an Active Directory server to control access to the doors, computers and certain tools and equipment.

During the switchover from ps1auth to Wild Apricot there may be some confusion about which site you should use to control usernames, passwords or payments. By all means ask for help if you are confused.

Accessing Wild Apricot

Access Wild Apricot member mananagement by going to https://membership.pumpingstationone.org

Member Site

The member management system(s) are sometimes called just "The Member Site" which is discussed here:


As of 2018 there is one "Member site" being phased out, at members.pumpingstationone.org and a different one being phased in, at membership.pumpingstationone.org

See also relevant entries on Join and Quit.