Wood Shop Dust Collection Design Notes

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Collector Mounting

Install the collector in the pallet rack behind the Shopbot. This will make the mounting of the motor easy and provide a framework for a sound enclosure, if necessary. The collector motor will be mounted on top of a piece of 3/4 plywood that is secured to the top shelf of the rack.

The approximate dimensions of the rack are 44" wide x 33" deep x 8.5' tall. Dimensions of the collector without the inlet tube are approximately 24"x34"x8'. (is this also true for the nano filter?)

Inlet port on dust collector is angled up at 11 degrees

3 phase motor is 99 pounds.

The collector is up and mounted. The joint between the blower housing and the cyclone needs to be caulked ( which may require dropping the cyclone a few inches).


Bill Penz: elbows with a center line radius of 2 to 2.5 diameter are preferred. For 6" duct, 12 to 15".

An 8" main duct will begin at the collector and run parallel to the trusses and below towards the shopbot and across the shop towards the woodworking area.

To reduce turbulence in the collector, first 5 feet should be straight with no fittings.

Put down File:Blast gate.docBlast gate front.svgBlast gate back.svg as close to the main duct as possible.

Clearvue: Use SRD-35 or ASTN D3034 PVC or 24 gauge spiral duct or thicker.

http://sveemetalworks.com/statistics/#lightbox/1/ says 8" 26 gauge spiral duct is good up to 30" WG with a safety factor of 3.

Two 45 degree elbows has lower resistance than a single 90. Putting a short piece of straight pipe between the 45s is best.

Use at least 5" port on machines for best results.

Clearvue blast gates are sized for PVC pipe.

SRD 35: 6" od 6.275", id 5.915, 2.36 lb/ft 8" od 8.4", id 7.92, 4.24 lb/ft


Clearvue: If PVC is used, the pipe can be grounded with a wire run on the outside of the pipe, attached to a screw driven into the pipe every 5 feet. The screw running into the interior of the pipe will drain off any charge.

PVC pipe quotes (sch. 40 is heavier than we need, the pipe is co stenciled sch 40/DWV) Porter Pipe: 8" sch 40 $6.40 /ft, 6" 4.30/ft Columbia 8" sch 40 $7.40/ft, 6" 4.85/ft

software to create templates to join pvc pipe. http://www.harderwoods.com/pipedocs.html

motor specs: http://www.leeson.com/leeson/searchproduct.do;jsessionid=80DAE39B0B64CA5DC727AFE8D0FFDAC2?invoke=viewProductDetails&motorNo=132242.00&productType=


Installation of a CVMAX that includes VFD, sound proofing, muffler. http://mastslav.weebly.com/

Clearvue order

CVMAX 3 phase with filters with nano filter upgrade $1870+100

filter clean out box $80

quantity:6 6" blast gates $15 each

DC1100 Pro Air Quality Monitor with PC interface $289.99

Discount code for 5% off: CVCFAN

Estimated delivery: June 17, 19.

collector tracking: http://wwwapps.ups.com/WebTracking/processRequest?HTMLVersion=5.0&Requester=NES&AgreeToTermsAndConditions=yes&loc=en_US&tracknum=1ZA378T50353134868&WT.z_eCTAid=ct1_eml_Tracking

particle monitor: http://wwwapps.ups.com/WebTracking/processRequest?HTMLVersion=5.0&Requester=NES&AgreeToTermsAndConditions=yes&loc=en_US&tracknum=1Z44842R0396858607&WT.z_eCTAid=ct1_eml_Tracking

To Do

Order 6" flexible hose for shopbot.

Upper table saw guard/collector from Shark Guard has a 4 month lead time. We need to find another supplier or fabricate one.

Buy or make a collector shoe for the shopbot. The shoe supplied with the shopbot has a very small inlet (3.5"?). It will probably work for the short term.

find 2 conductor cable and switches for the motor control. Power supply for the SSR (12-36v?).

Install ducting. Duct order should arrive 7/10.

Make hoods for chopsaw and planer.