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* Justin T. Conroy '''Declined'''
* Justin T. Conroy '''Declined'''
* Dan Locks '''Declined'''
* Dan Locks '''Declined'''
* Sevin Straus '''Accepted'''
=== Secretary ===
=== Secretary ===

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This page is to document the upcoming elections for the 2015 Pumping Station: One Board of Directors. The election will be held at the Annual Meeting on January 20, 2015. All nominations for board positions are due one week before the annual meeting on January 13, 2015. Please read the bylaws for further information about each position and how the election will work.


The following lists the positions which will be voted on and the members who have been nominated thus far. The members who have accepted their nominations have Accepted! written next to their names. All others have yet to officially accept their nominations.


  • Derek Bever Accepted!
  • Sevin Straus Declined!

Vice President

  • Justin T. Conroy Declined
  • Dan Locks Declined
  • Sevin Straus Accepted


  • Ryan Pierce Accepted!


  • Ian McLeod
  • Tom Judge Accepted!

Chief Technical Officer

  • Doorman Dave (Koppel) Accepted!

Public and Press Relations Director

  • Ray Doeksen Accepted!
  • Jenny Tong Declined!


  • Sheila Miguez Accepted!
  • Jenny Tong Accepted!
  • Dan Locks Declined.
  • Jay Hopkins Accepted!



Vice President




PR Director

Directors at Large