2015 Secretary Replacement

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Please place nominations for Secretary on this page.


[Resignation of an officer]

Nominations are open for one week, closing Wednesday, October 14.


From the bylaws:

In order to be eligible to be nominated, a person must be a Starving Hacker Member or a Full Member as defined earlier in these bylaws in good standing for the six consecutive months prior to the election. To actually take and hold an office, the individual must be a Full Member.


From the Bylaws#Secretary

The Secretary shall be responsible for recording all minutes of all official meetings of the membership and the board of directors. The Secretary must make available a hard copy of the minutes of all meetings of the members and the board of directors at the registered location of Pumping Station: One, in addition to making such records available online in a static format on the Pumping Station: One website.


Pending Accept/Decline

Steve Reese - Nominated by Doorman Dave


  • Tom Judge - Self
  • Lyn Cole - nominated by Sheila Miguez


  • Everett Wilson - nominated by Anna Yu
  • Jenny Tong - nominated by Sheila Miguez
  • Michael Skilton - nominated by Sheila Miguez, Anna Yu