2017 Cold Metals Area Budget Vote

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The cold metals budgets for previous years were $6000 (2015) and $5600 (2016). This year's budget request is higher to accommodate more members in the area, furniture for the expansion, and to continue providing fasteners to the space. As I have done in past years, I will be looking for bargains on used equipment that will expand our capabilities. Having funds allocated in this budget vote, rather than in a vote later in the year, allows me to react quickly to something that comes up, such as at an auction. So far, members are most interested in adding a cold saw and sheet metal equpiment, so that's what I'll be looking for.

Item Amount
Repairs to existing equipment - motors & controllers, belts, pulleys, replacement parts, services 1500
Consumable tooling - drills, blades, taps, dies 700
Lubricants, coolant 250
Non-consumable tooling - jigs, fixtures, clamps, etc, 250
Furniture - shelving, benches, storage cabinets 500
Safety - guarding, glasses, hearing protection 500
Measurement - tools & calibration equipment 500
New Equipment 2000
Fasteners & Hardware 750
Handtools - Sockets, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers etc. 750
Books and videos 150


Authorize the board to spend up to $7850 to cover Cold Metals Area expenditures for the fiscal year of 2017. The board may assign this spending authority to the area host. This spending authorization goes into effect 2017-01-01 and expires 2017-12-31.


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