2017 Graphics Arts and Textiles Budget Vote

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The Arts and Crafts area covers a wide range of fine art, crafting, artisan and digital media. Typically given a smaller budget and having not used its entire budget from 2012 to current, now would be a good time to expand and enhance the area by providing various high quality fine art equipment and tools for higher tech digital media applications. Proposed acquisitions are given below with notes.

While 2016 is not yet reconciled, so the values provided might not be final, Graphics Arts and Textiles actually spent $210.27 in 2015 and so far has allocated $681.43 for 2016. 2016 Q3 expenses are currently $352.87. For the purpose of understanding how this might relate to 2017 budgeting, the Treasurer recommends adding 10% to this 2016 value at the very least, as there may be some expected end-of-year expenditures from area hosts not included in these values, beyond the usual flux from managing the occasionally lengthy accounting processes that might make these Quickbooks-based data points, slightly off from reality. Additionally, keep in mind that mid year we took on the space expansion, but even the Q3 numbers provided here, do not really show any sort of expected usage of a given area for 2017. It may be wise to factor in at LEAST a 50% or so increase in the numbers here before trying to extrapolate for 2017.. To put it simple, take the numbers for 2015 and 2016 provided at the start of this paragraph and multiply x 1.5, or take this number, the Q3's not yet reconciled figures for spending and multiply by 4 for expanding to a year and then again by 0.5 to minimally account for the average 2x growth in physical size of each area as a result of taking on the rest of the building.

Arts / Crafts / Fibers Proposed Budget 2017

Line Item: | Purpose: | Cost / Estimated Cost: | Notes:

Visual Arts

Blick 906 Etching Press complete set up: total includes body, steel plate bed, stand, roller blankets (6 items) Link: http://www.dickblick.com/products/blick-906-etching-press/ | intaglio printmaking in combination with laser cutter, faked letterpress via laser cutter; good for relief and paper plate lithography printmaking _ $1,500.00 | Notes: (unit is 1247.00, shipping TBD) 12x26 printing bed, steel construction, gear driven [important], made in USA, portable if needed; if can purchase online and ship to store, I will pick it up and no shipping cost will be incurred. Will require certification. For use in combination with the printmaking bench. Major point: you can laser etch printmaking plates by taking a drawing, scanning it, dialing up the contrast in Photoshop and etching an acrylic plate for intaglio process (high tech version of the Edingburgh Process, copper etching, zinc acid etch or dry point etching.) Can do some forms of metal etch lithography (ie "Coca-cola etch" on aluminum.)

Graphic Chemical Inks and Oils | oil based media for relief, intaglio or lithographic process printmaking | $200.00 | Notes: Members would be expected to supply their own papers

Vinyl fabric 60" x 108" tabletop | $200.00 | Notes: To replace current damaged piece of vinyl on the fabric / crafts table; I will use a 40 - 50% coupon at Jo-Ann to reduce the cost. People keep destroying this item.

Steel for table legs | $300.00 | Notes: Member offered to weld heavy steel legs so the table does not wobble

General Art Supplies | paints, pencils, markers & other consumable physical media | $300.00 | Notes: Ongoing stocked supplies for the area. Brushes are constantly disappearing or destroyed. Pens, pencils Sharpies, scissors also.

Airbrush media | airbrush tools, repair donated compressor, cleaning solutions | $300.00

Sewing & Fiber Arts

Sewing supplies thread, pins, notions, small tools | $150.00 | Ongoing stocked supplies for the area

Machine repairs and maintenance | $200.00 | Professional cleaning, tune up and timing.

Digital Dye Sublimation Printer http://dyetrans.com/details.php?item_no=800SGSYS | Fast dye process for t-shirt, fabric | $2,000.00 | Notes: Arts area has the needed heat press; this unit will be available for small run, fast t-shirt and fabric design. People just want to make their own t-shirt easily and have a wider color range than vinyl cut. This is the system "One Hour T-shirt" shops use.

Transfer papers, cleaning cartridge and inks for dye sublimation printer | $600.00

Silhouette Cameo 3 Paper Cutter | To Replace Cricut machine in arts area as its cable and software lost or stolen | $350.00 | Notes: Full design capabilities (no clipart CDs, cams or proprietary design formats): paper only, finer detail than vinyl cutter, no scorching like laser cutter.

Digital Image Design

Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch Creative Pen Display http://www.wacom.com/en-us/products/pen-displays/cintiq-22-hd-touch | digital image design, animation, video editing etc; this is a giant computer tablet with a pen / touch screen. | $2,000.00 | Notes: I have used them in the computer labs at school and they are amazing. This is what we need the Adobe Creative Cloud on! More than anything, this will enhance the area. RE: What the pros are using. I would also like to retain the current PC as well so two computers are available for Adobe Creative Cloud.

Large format flatbed scanner ~11x17 inch area | $350.00 | Notes: Up to 600dpi resolution is common; larger size because stitching in Photoshop sucks.

HD video camera, microphones | For video recording, tutorials, blog and vlog| $400.00 | Notes: Used gear should be fine with warranty.

Green screen kit | video, animation, motion capture | $200.00 | Will be the type that folds up and fits in a big tote. These kits come with green screen, frame, daylight lamps on tripods. Tripods are a little wobbly but sandbags stabilize them fine.

Social Time!

Free classes and tutorials for members to try new media fine arts and crafts, snacks and beverages | $500.00 | Notes: Ideas for fun / popular things: coloring, the new Perler mini beads pixel art, intro classes to Ai and Ps, mosaic art, knitting and more.


Authorize the board to spend up to $9,550.00 to cover Graphic Arts and Textiles Area expenditures for the fiscal year of 2017. The board may assign this spending authority to the area host. This spending authorization goes into effect 2017-01-01 and expires 2017-12-31.


  • Quorum: 43
  • Yay: 34
  • Nay: 3
  • Abstain: 6