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Derek Bever


  • 2013-11-18 - Initial draft


Pumping Station: One is rapidly approaching 300 members. The laser engraver and 3D printers tend to be the most interesting (Shiny! Cool!) machines for new members, and certainly serve as a motivation for joining PS:1. We committed to having a high-quality laser. We should continue the trend of obtaining high-quality technology for our members and supplement (or replace) some of our current 3D printing equipment with a recent machine from a reputable manufacturer.

I've opted to propose the Lulzbot Taz 2 printer for a few reasons.

  • We have an existing relationship with the company. They donated our currently most-functional printer.
  • Significantly expanded build volume compared to our current printers.
    • 298mm x 275mm x 250mm (11.7in x 10.8in x 9.8in)
  • Out-of-the-box support for a variety of materials.
    • ABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS, and Laywood
  • It's open source, which is admirable and a desirable quality for most of our members.


Authorize the board to spend as much as $2750 to pre-order a Lulzbot Taz 2 printer, from the Lulzbot store. The manufacturer is anticipating ship dates before the end of 2013.

  • Retail Price of the printer: $2395
    • Illinois sales tax for Chicago in Cook county is 9.25%. This will not be charged by the Lulzbot web store, but should be paid by PS:1 at the time that taxes get filed. This tax brings the base cost of the printer to $2616.
  • Shipping: Estimated ~$50

Expected total cost of purchase: $2670 or less.