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Last Edited: 05/16/2013 Information about the Administration of PS:One

The Board

All the director's meetings and the director's mailing list are totally open to members. You can join either at any time while you're a member. Feel free.


Committees are mostly non-active currently. Let us know on the mailing list if you want to start/revive one!

2011 New Space Search

Non-Profit Grant Writing Info

Web Presence and Info

How PS:One publicizes and who has access.

  • Wiki - Members and select non-members can ask our CTO for an account. Current and former board members have admin accounts.
  • PS:One Blog - Members may post to our blog. Ask our CTO for an account.
  • Twitter/Facebook - current and former board members have access. Anyone can (and should!) use the #psone312 hash tag on Twitter.
  • Certificate Authority -
  • TODO


Important Documents

  • Liability Waiver: Everyone must sign one before entering the space, including guests. Paper copies are located on the door to the workspace. Please file them in the TARDIS.
  • New Member Packet (out of date)
  • Member Manual: A condensed list of information all members should be familiar with.
  • Member Rewards: Membership rewards system for teaching classes and help raising funds.