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* Tim Saylor
* Tim Saylor
* Rhys
* Rhys
* Steve Suspendes
* Steve Suspenders
* Steve Indiana
* Steve Indiana
* Shawn
* Shawn

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Area Host Meeting Minutes
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In attendance:

  • Anna Yu
  • Adrianna McKinley
  • Colin Parsons
  • Tim Saylor
  • Rhys
  • Steve Suspenders
  • Steve Indiana
  • Shawn


  • Successes / concerns / requests from area hosts
  • List of essential infrastructure


  • The wood shop and metal shop should be two separate areas
  • The certification program is broken.
    • too many people are using things without certification
    • Nobody enforces required certification
    • How do I get certified is the next question. We have to have an answer. Once a month classes?
    • There's a lot of latent demand for certification, especially in the metal shop.
    • The current problem is awareness of the options available for learning things.
    • Signs used to work in the old shop, maybe we need more signs. With people's pictures on them.
    • Set up machines with rfid readers to prevent uncertified users
    • grace period after certification where a trainer checks their setup before they start working?
    • Need a simplified manual for the tools that users can learn from on their own.
    • Give them a physical copy of the manuals.
  • We should get a vending machine for tooling / electronic parts
  • Area hosts should provide a list of essential infrastructure by our next meeting
  • Should we use the wiki or something easier? (google docs?)
  • Next meeting in three weeks. (All area hosts' TODO)
  • create a google group and public email forward to the area hosts. (Tim's TODO)