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= Overview =
#REDIRECT [[:Category:Biosensor Array]]
== Concept ==
[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitch_Altman Mitch Altman] proposed a Global Hackerspace Challenge and PS:One accepted.
The full description of the Challenge is at [http://www.tvbgone.com/downloads/hs_challenge/hs_challenge.htm Global Hackerspace Challenge].
=== Mission ===
We are building an array of biosensors as part of our program to:
# familiarize people with collecting data
# provide useful health related information displayed in a digestible manner to the device wearer
# provide larger data samples to medical professionals should the user choose to share what they have collected
# promote healthy living and health awareness
# encourage hobby electronics by using open sourced hardware
Our initial audience for this device kit will be secondary schools and colleges. It will be marketed as an educational and personal experimental tool. The array will collect data from various sensors attached to the test subject's body and then make that data available to the experimenter. The project will use as many common consumer parts as possible.
A $900 Paypal budget will be provided by element14.
The terms of the Challenge require that it use a microcontroller and a "portable power source" bought from [http://us.element14.com/ element14].
=== The Team ===
As of 06 April 2011:
* [[User:Billmania|Bill Mania]]
* Avner Shanan
* Shawn Blaszak
* Philip Strong
* [[USER:Ehanley|Eric Hanley]]
* [[User:pdp7|Drew Fustini]]
* LeRoy Pinto
* Kyle Granat
== Product Line Overview ==
====== [[Biosensor Array Product Line Expanded]] ======
=== General Student Kit ===
for the kids this is the primary kit we are developing for the GGHC.
This kit includes wired sensors and a mother microcontroller enough to get students involved in data logging.
* [[Biosensor Array Mother Arduino | Mother Arduino]]
* Sensor: [[Biosensor Array Body Temperature | Body Temperature]]
* Sensor: [[Biosensor Array Oxygen Saturation | Oxygen Saturation]]
* Sensor: [[Biosensor Array Heartrate | Heartrate]]
* Sensor: [[Biosensor Array Galvanic Skin Response | Galvanic Skin Response]]
* Sensor: [[Biosensor Array Respiratory Volume/Frequency | Respiratory Volume/Frequency]]
* Sensor: [[Biosensor Array Carbon Dioxide Output | Carbon Dioxide Output]]
* [[Biosensor Array Body Harness|Body Harness]]
=== Wireless Student Kit ===
* Same as General Student Kit but the sensors are wireless via xbee shields. Just in case wires aren't your thing.
=== Expandable Modules ===
for the Mad Scientists, Cyclists, Marathoners, and Runners.
These sensors and devices are too hardcore to be included in the basic package but we wanted to provide them should you need to take over the world. Most have another ardunio onboard.
* [[Biosensor Array EEG|EEG]]
* [[Biosensor Array ECG/EKG|ECG/EKG]]
* [[Biosensor Array EMG|EMG]]
* [[Biosensor Array GPS|GPS]]
* [[Biosensor Array Analog Logging Device|Analog Logging Device]]
* [[Biosensor Array Wireless Device Node|Wireless Device Node]]
* [[Biosensor Array 3rd Party Device Node|3rd Party Device Node]]
** Fitbit
** Wii Fit
== Guides ==
=== [[End User Documentation]] ===
=== Community ===
*[http://groups.google.com/group/pumping-station-one-gghc PS:1 GGHC Google Group]
*[http://www.element-14.com/community/groups/pumping-station-one PS:1 Group on element14]
*[http://www.element-14.com/community/groups/the-great-global-hackerspace-challenge Official element14 Group]
=== Similar projects ===
* [http://www.monkeysandrobots.com/narscisystem Narcisystem]
* [http://cons.truct.org/archives/jython-and-dyio.html DyIO]
* [http://www.element-14.com/community/blogs/bioboardblog/2011/03/24/be-excellent-to-each-other-dudes Noisebridge BioBoard]
* Primer Biosensing - ''[http://makezine.com/ MAKE]''
= [[Biosensor Array Developer]] =
This page is '''focused on developers''', unlike the current page you are viewing which is '''focused on end users'''. Developer gets into all the nitty gritty details of the direction, design, and fabrication of the project.
Here are some of the Key Sections:
== [[Biosensor Array Developer#GGHC|GGHC]] ==
== [[Biosensor Array Developer#Resources|Resources]] ==
== [[Biosensor Array Developer#Biosensor Array Notes|Biosensor Array Notes ]] ==
== [[Biosensor Array Developer#Member Notes|Member Notes]] ==
== [[Biosensor Array Developer#Weekly Meeting Notes|Weekly Meeting Notes]] ==

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