Biosensor Array

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Mitch Altman proposed a Global Hackerspace Challenge and PS:One accepted. We proposed the construction of an array of biosensors which could be used in a secondary school or college setting as an educational and experimental tool. The array will collect data from various sensors attached to the test subject's body and then make that data available to the experimenter. The project will use as many COTS parts as possible. The terms of the Challenge require that it use a microcontroller and a "portable power source".

Members Involved

  • Bill Mania
  • Avner Shanan
  • Shawn Blaszak
  • Philip Strong
  • Eric Hanley
  • Drew Fustini
  • Bill Kukowski
  • Leroy

Sensors and their Project Leaders

This list contains the proposed sensors, in order of decreasing priority. For each sensor, the persons leading the R and D are listed.

  1. Body temperature - Phill, Shawn
  2. oxygen saturation and heartrate - Phill
  3. galvanic skin response - Phill
  4. respiration frequency, volume and carbon dioxide output - Bill
  5. ECG and EMG - Shawn, Avner
  6. EEG Avner

The project must also include the following components:

  • microcontroller - Eric, Phill
  • data visualization design - Eric
  • mobile device interface - Bill


There is useful information available from the Open ECG and Open EEG projects.