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For this to work, you need to have your member account activated, if you didn't please do that at [1] using the email you used when you registered to PS1 (which may or may not be your Paypal email).


  • Log in with your universal PS1 username and password.
  • Go to Posts on the sidebar into Add New.
  • Enter a title to your post
  • Enter the text, add images, choose a category and add tags relevant to your article
  • While you are still working on it, keep it as a draft post
  • When you are ready, switch its status to "pending review" on the top right of the page (publish box)
  • An admin will review your post

TODO list admins or a way to get in touch with admins here Skm (talk) 08:48, 18 January 2017 (CST)

Advanced uses

  • You can edit what the tweet look like when the blog post is published (bottom right of the page)
  • Quick post redirect, we have a plugin that can redirect pages, posts or custom Post types to another location quickly (for internal or external URLs). So if you made a blog article on your own blog, you don't have to copy and paste it here, just make a quick abstract and redirect to your page.

Tech Details

The blog uses and Active Directory Integration plugin to do user authentication and creation.

  • list where our WordPress instance is and how it is maintained


  • the "Role Equivalent Groups" setting will overwrite existing roles including with lower permission roles.