Board Meeting Notes 2012-02-21

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting started at XX:XX pm



Old Business

  • Flourish Workshop (flourish is March 30-31)
  • Update on the space hunt
    • Status of Lawyer hunt
    • get shelves if he doesn't want them?
    • do we need to do anything with school factory re: the move?
    • did anyone jump on the kickstarter for the move idea? If not, is that because we want to avoid the publicity until the lease is signed?
    • Why does the state of Illinois list us as "Not Good Standing" in our "Corporate File Detail Report"?
  • Budget for moving

New Business

  • Financial/membership report full starving members in total
  • What's our policy on non-member tool use?
  • 2dkits building class at ps1 - just pick a date and let them know.


Meeting adjourned at XX:XX pm