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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting start: 07:21 pm


  • Tim Saylor
  • Shawn Blaszak
  • Steve Farkas
  • Zlatan Klebisch


Old Business

  • Tim
    • Status of money owed by the old landlord.
    • Status/result of motorcycle talk with Jordan.
  • Patrick
    • Cleaning service status. (Why is this referenced for both Patrick and Shawn?)
    • Status of process server.
  • Dan
    • Welding area status
    • Status of letter to Tony about getting the lighting in the warehouse fixed.
  • Steve Finkleman

  • Shawn
    • Has the old maid service tried to charge us?
    • Find a new maid service
  • Eric
    • Status of the Google Drive on the space's domain: we have to be a 501(c)(3) with updated info in the IRS website to be eligible to get it for free. Since we are working on that... deferred.
  • Steve Farkas
    • Audit status
    • finance tracking going forward
    • Tax exemption letter
    • Organization of the PS:1 banking records
    • Tally of missing money
  • Unassigned
    • Change address update.
    • We need to verify the code status of the fire door in the metal shop
    • We need to improve our implementation of the tool certification process.
    • inventory and ownership status of old landlord's stuff left on our side.
    • Bill-of-materials for the workshop build-out
    • Status of bylaw re-codification; scanning/drop-boxing of official PS:1 documents; and getting copies of those documents to the lawyers
    • Insurance status
    • Lighting in the warehouse area
    • Status of Jordan's motorcycle?
    • We need to announce at the main meeting that members should not buy things without getting it approved first.

New Business

  • Financial/membership report
  • Create a metal area host? Mike Warot is a candidate.
  • Chicago Museum Exhibitors Group has asked to have a meeting at PS:One on Thursday, December 6th. Should we?
  • invoice from Pete's Heating for the air compressor and thermostat changes.
  • Eric: look into how the internet-enabled thermostat works.
  • Status of repayments?
  • Does Ryan Pierce's request for reimbursement for the draft system require a member vote or should it be handled another way?


  • Discussion has occurred on the director's list about the wording of the letter to the old landlord.
    • The wording seems to be finished and it just needs to be delivered.
  • The welding area has been progressing.
    • we have a welding curtain and lighting is in the process of being installed
    • some members have been frustrated at not being able to get certified
    • Dan figured he'll be done some time this winter.
  • We want to ask the area managers to work on getting
  • $1785.00 is the quote from the landlord's guy to fix the lighting in the warehouse.
    • we will be looking for alternatives but we do need to pay the guy for working on the hot water heater.
  • Shawn gave the financial report
  • We are looking at getting Google apps for non-profits as an alternatives but we may have to wait until we have our own 501c3 status
  • Steve is still working on auditing our finances but he is making progress
  • Area hosts need to identify what kinds of things we need and where it needs to come from.
  • We need to do the paperwork to get a tax exemption letter from the state.
  • Steve is still waiting for more insurance quotes.
    • He is going to have us bound for liability insurance immediately.
  • Steve will be giving Tim a copy of the check's he's cashed.
  • The board all agreed to create a metal area host.
    • Mike has been nominated.
    • We will be opening it up for other people to ask to be considered for the position.
  • The board agreed that it is ok for the museum group to have their get-together at the space.
  • Eric will be looking into how the Internet enabled thermostat works.
  • Ryan's request for reimbursement request does need to be a full member vote.
  • There has been an issue with a member using tools uncertified, unsafely, and in an inconsiderate manner.
    • The board will discuss it with him.
    • Membership Report -
      • Full Members:
      • Starving Hacker:
      • Friends of PS1:
      • Total:

Meeting start: 08:25 pm