Board Meeting Notes 2012-11-13

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting start: X:XX pm



Old Business

Old Business

  • Tim
    • Status of money owed by the old landlord? (Steve's letter formally asking for the deposit back)
    • Status/result of motorcycle talk with Jordan.
  • Patrick
    • Cleaning service status.
    • Plan/status for Power Wheels stuff.
    • Status of process server.
  • Dan
    • Welding area status
    • Status of letter to Tony about getting the lighting in the warehouse fixed.
  • Steve Finkleman

  • Shawn
    • Has the old maid service tried to charge us?
    • Find a new maid service
  • Eric
    • Status of the Google Drive on the space's domain
  • Steve Farkas
    • Audit status
    • finance tracking going forward
    • Tax exemption letter
    • Organization of the PS:1 banking records
    • Tally of missing money
    • Electric bill paid?
  • Unassigned
    • Change address update.
    • We need to verify the code status of the fire door in the metal shop
    • We need to improve our implementation of the tool certification process.
    • inventory and ownership status of old landlord's stuff left on our side.
    • Bill-of-materials for the workshop build-out
    • Status of bylaw re-codification; scanning/drop-boxing of official PS:1 documents; and getting copies of those documents to the lawyers
    • Insurance status
    • Lighting in the warehouse area
    • Status of Jordan's motorcycle?

New Business

  • Financial/membership report
  • Create a metal area host, Mike Warot is a candidate.
  • Chicago Museum Exhibitors Group has asked to have a meeting at PS:One on Thursday, December 6th. Should we?


    • Membership Report -
      • Full Members:
      • Starving Hacker:
      • Friends of PS1:
      • Total:

Meeting start: X:XX pm

  • Shawn will be finding a new maid service
  • The Power Wheels stuff will be stored in the limbo room indefinitely
  • Metal Mike will be here at the space to meet with Tony and his guy about fixing the lights in the warehouse area.
  • Dan and Jeremy have been working on the metal shop/welding area and are installing lighting.
  • Eric has not yet set up a Google drive account
  • Steve is unsure if the audit will be done by next week but is working towards it.
  • Tim has started a calendar to track our recurring payments and preventative maintenance
  • Rhys will be setting up Google Docs as a potential alternative to the Wiki.
  • Steve Farkas got quotes for insurance:
    • General Liability: $500 per year
    • D&O: $750 per year
    • Property Replacement Insurance: $3500 per year
      • The broker is looking for better rates
      • The stuff that people have loaned to the space has caused it to be such a high rate.
      • Steve has called the insurance agency that Ryan Pierce suggested in order to get an alternate quote.
      • Steve has not yet contacted the agency recommended by The School Factory
  • Tim spoke with someone from The School Factory about putting a donation button on the web site.
    • the board seems interested in doing so.
  • The board discussed whether, or not, a teacher can remove someone from their class.
    • For non-member class members, the teacher is responsible for hosting them in the space so they can tell them to leave the space.
    • For class members who are members of the space, the teacher can tell them to leave but the member isn't required to leave the room. If they don't leave the room, the teacher can use the process of the Safe Space Amendment to resolve the issue.
  • There was an area manager meeting before the meeting.
  • Next week, we need to announce at the main meeting that members should not buy things without getting it approved first.