Board Meeting Notes 2016-05-03

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Start:


  • Board Members
    • Justin
    • Ray
    • Michael
    • Lyn
    • Jennie
    • Simon
    • Brian
    • Dave

  • Other Members


  • Check talk page for board meeting notes, see if any discussion on the agenda took place
  • Consent Agenda
    • Approve meeting minutes from 2016-04-19
  • Committee Reports
  • Read mail
  • Financial/membership report
  • Review the PayPal and banking transactions
  • Member leaving reason reports
  • Check RT queue
  • New business
  • Old business

Old Todos

  • Simon will deposit Comed check and let Brian know about the refund - DONE
  • Email Brian about tickets 4485 & 4487 because they're not in the treasury queue yet
  • Michael to handle member point granting on 4501 and 4424 - DONE
  • Email Brian to make sure he saw the [PayPal communication]
  • Mark 4511 as resolved - DONE
  • Justin to [send a donation thank you letter]
  • Michael will follow up with city consultant about business license
    • Did more research, continues
  • Justin & Michael will create invoice for electrical billing
    • To do tonight after the meeting
  • Ray to order business cards
    • Simon to followup
  • Brian will contact insurance company to get a quote to cover identified assets (~122K)
    • Simon followup


Discussion on previous minutes

Consent Agenda

  • Past minutes approved unanimously

Committee Reports

  • Space planning committee did not meet
    • Lease update - Justin talked to Eric, has been talking about a move-in date
  • Bylaws committee
    • Almost finished reading bylaws by lawyers and our bylaws, and comparing to Illinois law

Reports from Committees


  • Letter from the IRS - re: April 12 tax exempt status inquiry
    • Reconfirmation that we do indeed have tax exempt status

Financial Report

  • Chase Checking: $48,649.37
  • Chase Savings: $73,649.48
  • PEX: $13,847.39
  • PayPal:$8,890.29

Membership Report

  • Starving Hackers: 290
  • Full Members: 117
  • Total Members: 407
  • Quorum: 39

Review Transactions Since Last Board Meeting

  • Flying Broomstick
  • Quickbooks
  • Comed
  • WM Internet
  • Rent
  • Adobe
  • People's Gas
  • Need to ask Area Hosts to send in receipts
    • Justin will email area hosts to ask them to send in receipts

Member Leaving Reason Reports

  • Got too busy, never used the space, will rejoin later
  • Not enough time due to job and life


New Business

  • [[ | Requesting member points for Andrew & Jason for laser maintenance
    • Andrew can't get member points for doing responsibilities under CNC area host
    • But he's also been super helpful and done work above and beyond, such as the dust collector upgrade that deserves a member point
    • All voted in favor of member points for Jason & Andrew


  • Justin got ACH sorted out - hooray!
  • We no longer will be paying double rent or ACH fees. We're one month ahead on rent payments.
  • Next time we do a board transition, make sure to cancel all ACH payments before any accounts are canceled

PayPal Update

  • Brian is fighting through PayPal customer 'service' to get us the nonprofit paypal transaction rate
  • Also working on suspensions:
    • PayPal has a plan call PayPal Pro that handles suspensions better. We're not on PayPal Pro; we're grandfathered into an old plan that doesn't exist anymore but also doesn't have this.
    • We voted to spend $40/mopnth upgrade to PayPal Pro; but, it may come with a higher processing fee, depending on the nonprofit deal Brian is working
    • Brian is continuing to work on this
  • Jennie will update the suspension email with instructions to cancel and restart subscription
  • Jennie will update the door code email to remind people not to give out the door code

PayPal Chargebacks

  • Brian is following up on a member's possible double membership & the chargebacks that resulted
    • Does anybody know David Funcheon and whether he had one or two people on his account?
  • These notices are only sent to money@
    • money@ doesn't forward to anything
    • We can see the notices of the chargebacks in the account login screen

CTO update

  • Dave will leave outgoing email on Comcast for now, though they throttle outgoing email
  • Dave will look for something cheaper than Mandrill and faster/less throttled than Comcast
  • Dave is working on expiring logins (computers, rt, wiki, etc.) based on membership status
  • Dave working on door code change prep
    • Want to check to make sure everybody has an active email in their account

Area Host update

  • Take a look at the email/doc Michael sent to send to area hosts

Old Business

Extra insurance

  • Brian is waiting for an additional quote for insurance for equipment
  • Brian will follow up with insurnace to let them know we're above 400 members